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Yes I do destination weddings!

  • Carla Victor - 403-559-9323
  • Weddings are booked by the day please contact me for pricing information: 403 559-9323.
  • Portrait Booking fees - $200 (includes one hour of photography and the digial files) plus an additional $10 per individual - contact me for special group rates - 403 559-9323.
  • Thank you for thinking of Photo by Carla Victor, I look forward to hearing from you

Original art carries tremendous Ch’i. Your creativity and artistry should be an integral part of your home. Surround yourself with it, and feel the energy that flows through your home as a result. Original art, touched directly by the artist’s hand, also carries a concentrated amount of Ch’i. When you buy local artists’ works, you are benefitting from their creativity while supporting your community. Although only a few of us can afford the original art of the great masters, most of us can afford the creative works of our local artists.

Terah Kathryn Collins

The Western Guide to Feng Shui Room by Room

Hay House

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