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About Carla

As a freestyle photographer and artist Carla Victor uses her camera to portray the natural beauty of people and our surroundings. Her focus is to capture the real picture, revealing beautiful, simple and natural exchanges of energy between her subjects. Her documentary style of photography is described as fresh, yet familiar, with nostalgic tones.

We are all connected. I want my photographs to capture moments and exchanges revealing passion, spirit and truth between the subjects. Photographs should capture the essence which makes each of us a unique work of art! - Carla Victor

Carla was born in Calgary, Alberta. She moved to Olds in 1998 with her husband Darcy and their sons, to work as a photojournalist. Carla provided the artwork to six weekly newspapers consecutively until 2010, when she went out on her own as Photo by Carla Victor. Photography is Carla's passion and it has taken her throughout Canada and beyond to Africa, Belize, Mexico and the Caribbean.

Working as a photojournalsist for the past 20 years I know how to get the picture. Working for six Central Alberta newspapers concurrently, I provided artwork to more than 40,000 readers weekly. My work has been recognized with both national and provincial awards every year during my career as a photojournalist.

Yes, I do destination weddings!

• I take a creative and photojournalistic approach to documenting weddings and events. I see every subject and situation as unique, and use all my experience and talent to capture the true essence of my subjects.

• Each client owns all their high resolution digital files. You will never have to buy additional photo packages! Your printing possibilities are endless. Full service begins when You do. Start with wedding preparation portraits and continue as your day unflolds (ceremony, family, wedding party, speeches). Finish with your first dance… or 9 p.m. (which ever comes first).

  • Karma smiles on those who buy local artwork :)

Original art carries tremendous Ch’i. Your creativity and artistry should be an integral part of your home. Surround yourself with it, and feel the energy that flows through your home as a result. Original art, touched directly by the artist’s hand, also carries a concentrated amount of Ch’i. When you buy local artists’ works, you are benefitting from their creativity while supporting your community. Although only a few of us can afford the original art of the great masters, most of us can afford the creative works of our local artists.

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